13 Marvellous Benefits of Cupping Therapy That Can Help You Heal

Now read on to learn about 13 of the best benefits of cupping therapy!

1: Relief from pain:

The cups stretch the tissues to reduce stiffness and ease pain.

2: Relief from allergies and asthma:

Evidence exists that cupping has been used to treat allergies and respiratory issues for over 3,000 years!

3: Relaxation and de-stressing:

Cupping’s unique “inverse massage” effect provides very specific relaxation to muscle and tissue groups that are critical to relief but often overlooked by more general therapies.

4: Detoxification:

Cupping can detoxify your body right at the level of the skin and blood supply, sloughing off dead skin cells and immediately carrying unwanted toxins out of the body via the blood stream and circulatory system.

5: Reduction in inflammation:

Cupping helps reduce inflammation by improving circulation to the area that hurts. As the blood flows in, new vessels are created to bring healing oxygen and nutrients to the wound.

6: Clearer, smoother skin:

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), cupping is now thought to deliver more effective results for acne and blemishes than even antibiotics!

7: Cellulite reduction: If there is cellulite, that lumpy, bumpy surface layer of skin

that no amount of dieting or exercise seems to reduce. Cupping, by reducing fluid build-up and sloughing off dead skin can create smoother skin.

8: Anti-aging benefits:

Cupping has been in use for centuries for just this reason. Smoother, clearer, detoxified skin shows wrinkles and scars less and just looks younger.

9: Relief from digestive upset:

One of the primary ways cupping reduces digestive upset is through reducing stress and promoting relaxation (this makes it particularly effective for chronic stress-based conditions like IBS).

10: Reduction in carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms:

For anyone who has ever felt the shooting, stabbing pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. The Journal of Pain reports that just one session can significantly reduce symptoms.

11: Faster healing from colds and flu:

Cupping is particularly effective at helping to dislodge and drain mucus and phlegm from the sinuses and respiratory system. At the same time, cupping can boost immune response to promote overall faster healing.

12: Relief from migraine headaches:

According to the National institutes of Health (NIH), cupping has shown a positive reduction of migraine headache pain and symptoms over time.

13: Reduction in back and neck pain:

The Mayo Clinic reports that back pain is one of the most common health problems for people today. Science Direct published a study results that indicate cupping is an effective means to find immediate relief from chronic pain, including back pain and neck pain.

Cupping is completely safe and most people even report enjoying their treatments.

The typical appointment will last 20 to 30 minutes. You can ask any questions you have before your session begins. Typically, you will wear a gown and will lay down on a massage-type table for your treatment. Depending on the area to be treated and your reason for the appointment, a bit of oil may be applied to the skin first.

The cups may be placed at stationary points or the practitioner may move them around on your body. The number of cups placed on your body will depend on what area of your body is being treated and what you are being treated for.

This article taken from ’’http://www.greaterkashmir.com/news/opinion/hijama-cupping-therapy/268055.html’’

    Some conditions in which Hijama was proven as an effective treatment are:

  •   Fibromyalgia
  •   Lower back pain
  •   Repetitive strain injury.
  •   Sports injuries
  •   Poor circulation
  •   Varicose vein.
  •   Emotional
  •   Weight loss
  •   Chronic fatigue syndrome
  •   Vertigo
  •   Sexual weakness
  •   Male sterility & female infertility
  •   Disorders of the immune system
  •   Neuralgia, migraine headaches
  •   Skin problems
  •   Hyper cholesterol
  •   If a person’s iron level is high, bloodletting helps it to normalise.
  •   Disorders of the bones, muscles, joints and nervous system, such as arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel
  •   Psychological disorders like depression, hypo-tension, hypertension, stress and anxiety.
  •   Hijama is noticeably effective for the treatment of metaphysical and spiritual conditions such as Evil Eye, Black Magic and Jinn possession or for those conditions that medical practice cannot account for.

Note:- There are many more benefits if your problems did not mention please contact us.

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