Black Magic / Evil Eye /Demonic (Jinn) Possession

Black Evil Eye And Its Cure

The evil eye. Chances are you have seen this famous symbol many times. You’ve probably even worn one and you’ve definitely seen someone wearing an evil eye amulet. You may have witnessed a person give the “evil eye” look (and you may have even given it yourself). But do you know the deep and meaningful history of the evil eye symbol, and do you know how popular and prevalent the evil eye is throughout a plethora of different cultures? Below is the need-to-know information on the symbol that is so popular, it is currently one of the trendiest pieces of jewellery.

What Islam says about Black Evil Eye (AYN)

Hadith Narrations

Jabir quoted the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) as saying: “Most of the deaths of my people, after Allah’s Qadh (Preordainment) and Qadar (Destiny), are caused by the evil eye.” (Transmitted by Al-Bukhari in At-Tarikh, and classed by Sheikh Albani as authentic in Sahih Al-Jami'(4144)


Physical –

Evil Eye effects a person physically. Once the envier hits the envied with it, it can cause immediate physical discomfort and even serious medical harm. The Evil Eye can give general symptoms or make a person generally very ill depending on the strength and number of people who gave it. Most commonly people start feeling very tired, excessively sleeping, sweating, visiting toilet a lot and feeling flushed with palpitations in the chest. Evil eye can even cause death.

Psychological –

The Evil Eye effects a person psychologically. Once the envier hits the envied with it, they can develop sudden anxiety and depression. In serious cases even leading to suicidal attempts. Most commonly especially when the envier envies a talent or achievement the person has, it can cause a total mental blockage and sudden disability to perform what they were talented and good at. People will also commonly experience difficulty concentrating and memory loss. This can have a detrimental effect on the life of a person.

Spiritual –

The Evil Eye can have a significant effect on a person spiritually. Due to physical symptoms such as excessive sleep, a person often misses prayers or finds it too difficult to get up and pray. If it is accompanied by a Jinn it also causes to become distant from Allah and difficult in performing acts of worship. The Jinn sent with Envy will work to destroy the person in that which they were envied alongside working to destroy their faith and adherence to the religion, due to the evil nature of envious Jinn and the envier who sent them through their hatred and jealously.


Washing off the effects of envy

This is done by pouring the water on a person affected with envy and the evil eye.

This is based on the Hadith reported by Abu Umamah, Sahl bin Hunayf on the authority of his father who told him that as they went out one day with the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) upon reaching the valley called Al-Harar at Jahfah, Sahl washed himself and appeared as having a very fine figure. This attracted `Amir ibn Rabi`ah to the extent that he said:

“Wow! What a nice and delicate figure! You look like a charming lady!” Upon uttering this remark, Sahl fell unconscious, and when the people took him to the Prophet, he said: “Do you suspect someone?” “Yes”, they replied, “We suspect `Amir ibn Rabi`ah”. The Prophet called him and reprimanded him, saying: “Why try to kill your brother in faith? Why not say upon seeing something fascinating: ‘Allah is Blessed or may Allah bless you…etc?’” To wash off the traces of envy, `Amir was told to wash his face, hands, elbows and thighs, and then to wash his feet and his private parts, over a bowl. Then the contents of this bowl were to be poured over Sahl bin Hunayf, and the bowl turned upside down. Upon doing this Sahl recovered.

(Classed as authentic by Imam Ahmad in Al-Musnad, and by Ibn Majah)
Ibn Al-Qayim commented on this process saying:

Anyone who denies, mocks or has doubt about the effect of this Prophetic way of healing will never benefit from it. The same applies to anyone who does it in way of trial without full conviction. Why not regard this as part of the privileges in the Islamic perspective instead of condemning it. Medical practitioners acknowledge that in the field of medicine there are some areas that are untouchable and are somehow deemed as unique.

Ibn Hajar says that the process of washing away the effects of envy is meant to be done after being affected with envy.

Narrated from Abdullah Ibn Abbas (RAA) that the Prophet ﷺ said: “The evil eye is real and if anything were to overtake the divine decree it would have been the evil eye. When you are asked to take a bath (to provide a cure) from the influence of the evil eye, you should take a bath.” (Muslim, Ahmad and Tirmidhi) – Bath for Ayn

The Sunnah method is to wash yourself from the water of the wudhu of the person who gave you the ayn if the identity of the person is known. If you don’t know who gave the ayn or their water is not available then wash yourself with water that is recited on called Ruqya water as many times a day as possible; 3-4 times is good.

If you don’t know who gave the ayn (BLACK EVIL EYE) below procedure is very effective.
Take a bucket and fill it with water, put your both hands in it and recite below surah and take ghusl.


  • (1) seven time durood sharif (Salawat) to Muhammad PBUH
  • (2) seven-time surah fatiha
  • (3) seven time ayatulkursi
  • (4) Seven time four Qul( SurahKaafiroon, Ikhlaas, Falaq and Naas)
  • (5) seven time durood sharif (Salawat) to Muhammad PBUH

Hijama cupping therapy also very effective breaks the effect of Evil Eye, black magic, jinn possession and Sorcery, by the Permission of Allah.

Hijama is recommended,who is suffering from the effects.

Islam has also drawn attention to a precaution against that effect.

This is what the Prophet means by ordering us to utter Allah’s Glorification when we have something good: ‘Allah is Blessed!’ Also we can supplicate for the person by saying: ‘May Allah bless you!’”

You can download Ruqyah (Manzil) and listen to it
Speech (Bayan) regarding Ruqyah in Urdu language

Allah Almighty knows best.

Symptoms of Black Magic / Evil Eye /Demonic (Jinn) Possession

The symptoms of victims affected by Black Magic or Possessions may be same, as both involve the influence of Jinn or a group of Jinns in the victims/patients body or homes.

  • 1. Difficulty to sleep during nights, and the victims may wake up with jerks after small naps or feels entire body is paralyzed in the state of sleep.
  • 2. Nightmares-seeing strange people or animals in dreams or being chased by some black dogs, cats, snakes, black birds, lizards, rats, owls, monkey, eagles or strange animals/birds..etc in dreams or dreaming of bathroom/toilets or taking bath etc or dreaming of dirt or filth or dreaming of falling from heights or dreaming of seeing ones duplicates (twins) or seeing oneself flying in ones dream or seeing oneself traveling across deserts, mountains, forests in a dream or dreaming of Hindu deities or someone worshipping some strange idols or pictures.
  • 3. Heaviness and weight on head[means jinn/sihir is in the head and has control or trying to control the brain] or shoulders or back/ribs or any part of the body or severe stomach aches[means jinn/sihir is in digestive tract] ; moving pain from head to neck and shoulders etc or feeling needle pricks on the body or tightness in chest during nights or feeling like being chained up or continuous burping[means jinn is in digestive tract] or continuous and Sudden coughing/hiccups [means jinn is in respiratory tracts]; and constriction in the throat; Feeling suffocated and restless in all circumstances, never at peace; dry skin or drying up of organs or limbs or burns on the internal organs. One may to clearly feel someone brushing an extremely delicate feather on your face or limbs or head.
  • 4. Doctors are unable to diagnose the disease of the person or multiple disorders suddenly diagnosed for a normal person and no treatment is beneficial and doctors are confused.
  • 5. Sudden mood swings, sudden feeling of love or hate for a particular person. Sudden change in the character, the person becomes more aggressive and isolates himself from others or may say and speak unusual things or may play or talk to himself..etc
  • 6. Foul smell or odour [smell is of decomposing flesh] in the breath or while burping or farting or in the body of the victim, that doesn’t go even after bathing continuously or using perfumes; Dark marks on skin and the face becoming darker and darker for no reason.
  • 7. Irregular cycles and continuous menses with continuous stomach aches in women; infertility in men or women even though medical reports are normal.
  • 8. Feeling something moving under the skin or stomach, twitching in eyes; veins or parts of the skin beating/dilating continuously or strange swellings on various parts of the body without medical reasons.
  • 9. Sudden diversion from deen, laziness in offering salat, zikar or Quran. Sudden interest in/of bad habits like excessive smoking, alcoholism, sex.

Possession, Jinn & Britain’s Backstreet Exorcists: BBC Newsnight

Reaction on Reciting Quran or Listening to Quranic verses played on Music player or Computer

The victims who are affected by Jinn or Black Magic may get strong reactions or get violent or display signs like: fits or Seizures or heavy burping or hiccups or vomits or headache or choked or increase in heart beats or excessive sweating or feels sleepy or drowsy or vomiting or chest congestion or uncontrollably laughing / crying /blinking or pain or numbness in limbs, feeling painful needle pricks on the body..etc on listening to Quranic recitations or Ruqyah or even Azaan. Reactions vary from person to person, but remember not all kinds of diagnoses are 100% effective.

Note: If the all the above symptoms are noticeable after visiting a place such as graveyard, temple, ancient tombs or monument, resting under a tree?etc or after fall or hurting oneself in a new place, it most likely to be a case of Demonic Possession.

List of Few Sickness or Diseases caused by Jinn and Magic or Sihir

Any disorder for which medical treatment doesn’t benefit at all or has only temporary effects, some of which are epilepsy, fits, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness especially during nights, having strange visions or hallucinations, forgetfulness, frequent migraines or severe headaches or stomach-aches, continuous fever for days, extreme weakness or tiredness in body, extreme anger or aggression against the normal nature, falling unconscious , multiple sclerosis, paralysis or pain or wound or scratch on any limb or entire body, chest congestion, breathing problems or asthma , excessive hiccups, burps, very frequent urinating or back-winds/gas so that one is not able to keep wudhu, and some time no urination at all for many days, strange skin diseases, itching in the places between thighs and belly during nights, sudden likeness and interest in/of bad habits like excessive smoking, alcoholism, sex, lust, excessive blood in stool, brain tumor and cancers, blindness, In Women: frequent abortions, irregular menstrual periods or excessive bleeding or severe back pain or abdominal pains during menses, In men: pre mature ejaculation, no or less erection, sexual impotence in Couples and can only have sex when they visualize a specific person, etc. To summarize any medical disorder that cannot be explained or treated or occurs during a particular date or month or time could be a ‘Paranormal Disorder’ potentially caused by Jinn or Sihir.

Mufti Junaid has recently released two Ruqyahs, one for Evil-Eye (Nazar) and the other for Sihr (Magic). The verses are selected on this basis.

The Ruqyah for Evil Eye contains ayah of the Quran which mention Nazar, Ain, Basar, Absar, Hasad etc. Similarly, the Ruqyah for Sihr contains ayahs for sihr and the mischief of shaytaan.

Mufti Junaid (Andheri, Mumbai) mentions that three things are needed to be cured by Ruqyah

  • (1) Belief that Quran has the cure for all ailments including physical and spiritual ailments.
  • (2) Intention for seeking cure from Evil-Eye, Sihr and Asar (possession)
  • (3) Persistent effort

A person under treatment must make intention to undergo this treatment for 40 days. People usually get cured within this period.

First I’ll mention the symptoms of Nazar. Someone sent me (Username: Tafseer) a message forwarded from Mufti Junaid in transliterated Urdu on the symptoms of Nazar. I’ll try my best to put it across in English

Symptoms of Evil-eye (Nazar)

  • 1.General weakness in the body
  • 2.Loss of appetite
  • 3.Face turning pale/yellow
  • 4.Perpetually High Body temperature (just below fever level)
  • 5.Urge to cry without any reason
  • 6.Feeling of extreme suffocation
  • 7.Constant yawning
  • 8.Being lethargic and undue laziness for any work
  • 9.Dizziness
  • 10.Nausea (Feeling like vomiting)
  • 11.Pain in both hands and feet
  • 12.Perpetual headache
  • 13.Rotating pain in the body
  • 14.Excessive burping or belching
  • 15.Suffering from incurable diseases
  • 16.Lack of completing mamulaats (or any deeniamal) punctually
  • 17.Excessive hair fall in women
  • 18.Dislike to meet Relatives, friends and colleagues
  • 19.Disruption and loss in business, work or profession
  • 20.Unnecessary blocks in business
  • 21.Unable to perform one’s primary/specialist work. If one intends to do his primary/specialist job, either he will extremely lazy or will fall severly ill

All of these are symptoms of Evil-eye. If any one of the above is found, then perform Ruqya for Evil-eye

For the first couple of days, listen to both of them. Two hours a day is nothing.

The ruqya which effects you with the following must be continued.

Nausea, Dihorrea (loose motions), itching, Fever etc.

Secondly, while listening to Ruqya for few days you will come to know what you are effected with.

Precaution during the listing Ruqyah

Please keep yourself from falling asleep.

Avoiding dehydration and stay sufficiently hydrated is vitally important during the listing the Ruqyah in case you vomit or loose motion may occur.

During the listing you should have an attendant with you in case you need help and he should aware of your condition in worse scenario.

Download Ruqyah

Dropbox link

Speech (Bayan) regarding Ruqyah in Urdu language

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