What kind of toxin taken out by hijama therapy?

Detox your body organs by hijama cupping therapy.

There are so many different types of toxins that live around us and one of the impacts they have is on our fertility. These toxins from the surroundings can find their way inside the body and can destroy your system. Only little is known regarding the effects of toxins on the male reproductive system. However, because it is easier to study the male reproductive system than the female, scientists managed to carry out few studies that demonstrate how the environment toxins can contribute to male infertility. Scientists have found out that frequent exposure with many harmful chemicals such as chemical washing, cosmetics, pesticides and polluted environment, even at a low dosage can have a harmful effect to both female and male reproductive system.

A chemical toxin called phthalates, which is an industrial plasticizer used in many cosmetic items. Scientists have found a link with this toxin that causes damage to the reproductive system in both men and women. Research shows us women have higher level of toxins than men, however it is men who go through most of the severe reproductive side effects. In men, phthalates caused damage to the testicles, shown low sperm count and absent prostate gland. The list of toxins goes on and many have not been studied yet by toxicologists.

An alternative medicine such as hijama treatment focuses on detoxifying or cleansing the body of accumulated toxins. The main idea of detoxification therapy is that the build-up of toxins in the body promotes on increasing various diseases, by eliminating these toxins the body has a better chance of fighting against the infections. In the world of alternative medicine there are many ways and methods for detoxification. One of the oldest methods of eliminating toxins is fasting that has been practiced by many religion and culture.

Different skin diseases are related to accumulation of toxins in the body. The body has its own detoxifying system; one of the toxins it gets rid of is called allergen that is found in the blood. When the body’s detoxification system is weakened due to some reason, the toxins that are produced by the metabolic process starts to build up in different organs and tissues, which contributes to different diseases such as acne and cancer cells. Almost all the skin diseases or disorders are related to breakdown of the cleansing system of the body. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, hives and seborrheic dermatitis have been known to be caused by allergens.

Every cell in our body is part of the tissue or organ, which produces energy and builds waste substances that need to be eliminated. If these organs get filled with toxins the body will not function properly. The body considers everything that is not food to be toxic to the body. Some examples of products that are toxic to the liver are prescription medicine, medicines that contains additives, preservatives, binders, fillers, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, second hand smoking, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and food colourings. As these harmful toxins enter our body it goes through the liver, the liver is the chemical factory where it neutralizes and eliminates different types of toxins. The liver makes these harmful elements soluble so it is easy for it to get rid of by urinating, sweating and breathing.

If the person does not take care of their health and nutrition, then in time the liver can get clogged like an oil filter and will not work efficiently. When the liver fails to work properly this is when the toxins start to build up slowly forming into a nest of diseases to grow. This can lead to liver disease and because the liver cannot get rid of it through the body’s emunctories (organs of elimination) they are forced to be shifted in the organs and tissues of the body. For women, the most common places for toxins to build up is in her brain, breasts and ovaries. Studies show us that the two most common toxins that women take in their body are caffeine and alcohol.

Another common poison is called heavy metal toxin. The three of the most common and unsafe heavy metal toxin known to us are arsenic, lead and mercury. These ingredients are used to create so many different types of products and they go into our air, food and water. For example, lead is a metal, some of the plumbing materials that water travels are made with lead and in time increases the level of lead in the water we drink. Our body needs some metal such as zinc, copper etc, but too much of anything can give a side effect.

Prevention Steps:

The best solution for combating heavy metal toxins is to avoid them in the first place. Today’s modern world makes this task almost impossible, but significant improvements can be accomplished using the following guidelines:

Avoid mercury-silver dental amalgams: Mercury based amalgams are the major source of mercury in most Americans. Consider extraction and replacement, but only through a qualified and experienced dentist.

Avoid fish and some shellfish: Fish and seafood are a common source for mercury and even arsenic, especially the largest fish (shark, swordfish, tuna), which are highest in mercury. Buy organic, tested, and certified mercury-free fish and seafood.

Clean Water: Use a high-quality water filtration unit for all drinking water. A high-quality shower filter also helps to avoid inhalation of heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants.

Clean Air: Outdoor air pollution is hard to avoid, but indoor air pollution is often much worse due to our energy efficient, air-tight buildings. High quality air filtration and purification systems have quickly become an important part of any healthy lifestyle.

Clean Food: Buying Organic foods (preferred) or extensive washing of the surfaces of fruits and vegetables is a very important step as well as avoiding virtually all processed foods. Nutrition is a vital component to helping the body detoxify itself.

Natural Products: Household cleaners as well as many personal care products such as skin creams and make-up have been found to carry heavy metals and other toxic elements. Buy all natural products whenever possible.

Thimerosal-free vaccines: Thimerosal has NOT been removed from all vaccines. Many adult vaccines, including the common flu-shot, still contain Thimerosal, a mercury based preservative.

Avoid Industrial Areas: As much as possible, avoid areas of industry especially in choosing where to live. Air, water, and food contamination is typically worse in these areas. So overall, we can understand that a lot has changed since the time of our prophet (peace and blessing be upon him). There are so many different types of therapies for different toxins, and it is up to the patient to research and find out which therapy will work for them. Sometimes combining therapies can help get better results. If we look and study the way our prophet lived his life we can learn why he was very healthy. Of course, there is a huge difference with time and lifestyle e.g. we have technology, industries, our air is more polluted and it is very hard to avoid these matters. However, we still can make the effort to cut down on unhealthy substances, control our appetite, exercise more and by following the footsteps of the prophet (saw) we can live a healthier life, physically and spiritually.70% of diseases occur because of poor blood & oxygen supply to organs & tissues.

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